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zedblaze: (117)

Zed Blaze

"I'm going down in a blaze of glory, take me now but know the truth..."

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Created on 2015-09-29 13:59:09 (#2448667), last updated 2015-09-29 (104 weeks ago)

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Name:Zed Blaze
Birthdate:Mar 5
Location:Soho, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Well,I've seen love come
And I've seen it shot down
I've seen it die in vain
Shot down in a blaze of glory
Take me now but know the truth

Blaze of Glory, Bon Jovi

Zed Blaze is an indie hard rock musician, so this musical talents don't stop there. He can perform any genre, but hard rock is his bread and butter... and also his mask. Zed was born and raised as Zoran Elijah Duval, and grew up in Savannah, Georgia. He was the blonde-haired, blue-eyed only son to Len and Mary, and followed two older sisters, Naomi and Nora.

Their family was what you could call well-to-do and things seemed averagely normal until Zoran turned twelve. Len, a landscape gardener, got laid off from work and started to drink heavily. Mary was left supporting the family on her nurse's wage and because she had to take more and more shifts, the marriage began to suffer. Len was rarely not drunk, and started to get violent with Mary. Before it could get too bad, Mary moved out with Zoran's sisters, but he chose to stay with his dad. He had - unwarranted - faith in his dad and thought he was just miserable because he was drinking and needed help.

It was the worst move he could have made. When Zoran was about 15 years old, he realised he was having deeper feelings for his best friend, Colby Knight, than just friendship. Zoran and Colby grew up together from birth, living on the same street their whole lives. When Zoran realised what his feelings were transforming into, he told Colby, though he had been nervous Colby might think he was weird or pervy. He didn't. In fact, Colby admitted he might feel the same.

The problem with the neighbourhood they grew up in was that there didn't seem to be many gay people. In fact, when he started to think about it, Zoran couldn't think of any. The only way he really knew was spending a lot of time online where homosexuality was more accepted if you hung around in the right online spaces. All Zoran could really remember of his time growing up was a street of conforming families. Sturdy marriages with kids and a dog or cat. Barbecues would be segregated into the wives, husbands, and kids. The wives discussed celebrity gossip, schooling, and the small town grapevine. The husbands discussed sports, fishing, and cars. The kids ran around playing Hide and Seek or Red Rover, or ride their bikes to the lake. It was all very... conventional.

Zoran made the mistake of one night inviting Colby over where they went to his room and closed the door. His dad had been drunk, and Zoran was oblivious to the fact he was noticing anything. That night, Zoran and Colby slept together for the first time and it was one of the most amazing experiences of Zoran's life. But after that, everything went downhill very quickly. The next morning, his father cornered him and asked him if he was a fag. On the spot, scared, Zoran shakily admitted that he thought he might be. Only to have the shit beaten out of him by his dad, who told him over and over again that he was going to 'beat the fag out of him' and that 'no son of his was a poof'.

Zoran went online and left a long email for Colby, telling him what happened. But never got a response to it. It was just days later that Zoran was walking home from the lake and he passed Colby... walking down the street holding hands with a girl. It was like Zoran didn't even exist. Zoran was confused, lost, and didn't know what the hell was going all. All he knew was that it hurt like hell, and he didn't know how to stop any of it. He started to let his dad just believe he had succeeded in beating the shit out of him. He told him he was interested in a girl at school, figuring if Colby could do it, so could he. It was all a lie.

It was about a year later that Zoran's life was completely taken out of his hands. Zoran dad didn't come home one night, and worried that he might be in trouble, Zoran went to his favourite bar to find him. He found him, alright. Out the back in the alley behind the bar, his father was beating into prostitute who had apparently turned down his money. He beat her so badly, he killed her. Without even thinking, Zoran called out to his dad to stop, to try to get him to stop hitting her. When his father turned around, he had look on his face so terrifying, Zoran just ran. He ran as fast as he could, and the only thing that stopped his father catching up with him was that he was so intoxicated.

Terrified for his own life, Zoran went to the cops and told them everything he had seen. He told them about his father's violent past, and about the beatings he had received for himself. There was no choice but to put Zoran in witness protection... when the police revealed that they had an arrest warrant issued on his father for orchestrating gay bashings around the town in the last month. Because Zoran had witnessed the murder, and his father knew he did, there was no other choice but to have him protected. Faking his suicide, complete with a suicide note, Zoran just disappeared from Savannah. Everyone believed he went and jumped off a cliff somewhere, or hung himself in the woods. All they knew was that his body was never recovered.

Zoran was sent to New York City. He was given a new name and a new identity. Because he could play guitar, drums, and keyboards, he was giving a job as a drummer for a rock band who play gigs around bars in the city. Zoran dyed his hair black, started to get extensive amounts of ink and piercings to hide his identity. He was soon unrecognisable. He was placed with a kind and caring foster family - a mom called Heather, a dad called Joe, and fraternal twin siblings two years older than him, Sally and Brett - and they took care of him like they were his own. He finished high school, but had a reputation as a goth loner. He did what he had to do to blend in with at least one type of high school stereotype. Inside, he felt like he was dying. He was homesick, and his heart never seemed to stop aching for what never really was with Colby before life turned into a horror show. Things turned around a little when he met Melody Winters, a Wiccan goth chick with incredible creative talent. They became best friends and very close, and he appreciated her company beyond belief.

Eventually, Zoran was found by a manager, who helped him develop quite a career in indie rock. Now know as Zed Blaze, he heads his own band, Blazing Phoenix where he is the only male member with all his back-up musicians and vocalists female (including Melody as his bassist). They have developed quite a fan following. Inside, he'll always still be Zoran, but he has hardened and now weathered to the darkness and pain the world could lay on you. He has way too much sex, smokes too much, and lives alone in a minuscule studio apartment in Soho. He has a close-knit group of friends who don't know he was a different person in the past, and he's content enough. He goes through the daily motions wearing his mask. Anything to prevent his own murder.

Zed is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Zed is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only.
PB is Andy Biersack, who belongs to himself.

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